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Olympic Archery

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - 24 Jul to 9 Aug 2020
Yumenoshima Park (夢の島公園, Yumenoshima Kōen) Dream Island Park Archery Field. Looks like an all weather athletics track with no grass, has been converted to the practice and qualification archery field with shelter, a concrete strip to shoot from and lots of grass. No stands for spectators, but is north facing. The head to heads will be in a temporary area nearby. Tickets by lottery in Japan for a 3-4 hour elimination session are ¥3000 (£22) or ¥7000 (£51) for a medal session. Google Map. Picture and Opening.

New in this Olympics is a mixed team event, increasing the number of medals to 5, while keeping the total number of archers at 128.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Qualification Procedure

Minimum Qualification Score (MQS)

Men up 10 points and women up 5 points from Rio 2016. Shot between 3rd June 2019 and final entry in June 2020, at a WA-registered event.

Men70m round640
Women70m round605


World Archery Championships in 's-Hertogenbosh (colloquially known as Den Bosch) Netherlands 3rd to 16th June 2019. Almost half the places will be decided at this tournament.

GBR won the maximum 6 places at the primary qualification tournament. Both men's and women's teams came in the top 8 of the team event to win team places.

Paralympic Archery

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games - 25 Aug to 6 Sep 2020
Dream Island Archery Field, a new development on the east side of Tokyo.

80 Men, 60 Women, 9 medals. Individual men, women and mixed team, in recurve, compound and W1.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Qualification Procedure

Qualification for places

World Archery Championships in 's-Hertogenbosh Netherlands 3rd to 16th June 2019. 80 of the 140 places will be decided at this tournament.

GBR won 5 places out of a maximum of 11. 1 recurve men, 1 recurve women, 1 compound men, 2 compound women.

In the european and final qualification event there will be 22 places available, having won places in 4 of the events GBR can only compete for 1 place in the mens W1 and 1 place in the women's W1.

Final allocation of places not taken up will be done in July 2020.

Minimum Qualification Score (MQS)

Shot between 1st June 2019 and 1st July 2020, at a WA-registered event.

Recurve men70m round570
Recurve women70m round530
Compound men50m round650
Compound women50m round620
W1 men50m round590
W1 women50m round520

W1 (Wheelchair) is recurve or compound bow limited to 45lbs with no magnification or bubble in sight.