BA Postal Leagues

2017/2018 Fixtures and Results

Compound Frostbite, Division 6 (972)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovAssheton B`men946Phil, Terry, Alfie9963
DecColchester & District A.C. CF
JanCrawley Archery Club
FebInverness Field A.C. B
MarNew Century B`men

Adjustment Threshold 972 + 75 = 1047.

Recurve Frostbite A, Division 11 (893)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovWorthing A.C. A805Linda, Shirley, Simone9313
DecBulwell Foresters A.C.
JanLichfield Archers A
FebMeriden A.C. B
MarDeben A.C.

Adjustment Threshold 893 + 90 = 983.

Recurve Frostbite B, Division 30 (753)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovHarefield Archers A785Roger, Dave, Stelvio8253
DecSutton Coldfield A.C. C
JanBowbrook Archers B
FebBridlington Bay Archers
MarGrantham Archers

Adjustment Threshold 753 + 90 = 843. November score of 861 adjusted.

Portsmouth A, Division 12 (1641)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovSportsAble Archery A1590Linda, Dave, Shirley16173
DecSt. Georges A.C. A
JanEbor Archers
FebArchers of the West A
MarBramcote A.C. A

Adjustment Threshold 1641 + 120 = 1761.

Portsmouth B, Division 38 (1537)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovLincoln Archers B1636Terry, Stelvio, Mike J15281
DecDunstable Bowmen
JanHarefield Archers A
FebKirby Muxloe A.C. P B
MarSutton Coldfield A.C. C

Adjustment Threshold 1537 + 120 = 1657.

Portsmouth C, Division 49 (1418)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovSouth Moorlands A.C.1498Simone, Roger, Mark14601
DecPinner B'men B
JanSouth Oxon A.C. B
FebWilford Bowmen C
MarSouth Bucks Archers B

Adjustment Threshold 1418 + 120 = 1538.



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These are winter leagues for outdoor Frostbite and indoor Portsmouth, using Compound and Recurve bows. For the 2016/2017 season CPB have entered the same as last year, 1 team in each of the compound frostbite, recurve frostbite, and two in recurve Portsmouth leagues. Mike J collects the Frostbite scores sheets and gets the Portsmouth scores from Mark to post (or email) off.

Match day is usually the first Sunday in the month for frostbite, and the first Tuesday in the month for Portsmouth. Unless the weather or holidays mean the match has to be shot on the second Sunday or Tuesday. The 3 archers with the highest score that month are team A, if a second team has been entered then the next 3 are team B etc. So the members of each team will vary from month to month.

Each team is entered in a division of 6 teams based on the previous years results or an estimate for new teams. Each month, for the 5 months from November to March, the team competes against one of the other teams in that division. The division is ranked by match point score with 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss and 0 for not entering a score. If there is a tie on match points, then the arrow score is used to break the tie, followed by hits and then golds (10s). At the end of the season, the top team in each division gets 4 badges to share out.

Every score helps, last year we came second in one league with the same match point score and lost on the total arrow score by 75 points because we only had 2 archers scores for one month.

The fixture list for November to March is usually published in mid November. The November results are published in January, the December and January results in March, and the Febuarary and March results together with the overall winners in May.

Example Fixture List

Division 26 (1590)
 1 Redditch C of A B
 2 Bowmen of Gower A
 3 Bowmen of Harrow B
 4 Clophill A.C. B
 5 Crystal Palace
 6 Winnington Park B`men A   

Each month teams compete against one of the other teams acording to the following table. e.g. in December Team 5 (Crystal Palace) competes with Team 4 (Clophill A.C. B).

Team Nov.Dec.Jan.Feb.Mar.

Arrow Score Adjustment

After the division number on the fixture list there is division score. It is an average of the estimates for all the teams in the division. Most teams are put into a division which relates to their average monthly score for the previous season. If a team score exceeds the division score by 75 for compound frostbite, 90 for recurve frostbite or 120 for Portsmouth, then it's score is reduced by twice the excess.

  Division Score                900
  Recurve Frostbite allowance    90
  Division Threshold            990
  Arrow Score shot              995
  Excess Points                   5
  Adjusted score                985