Crystal Palace Bowmen

BA Postal Leagues

2018/2019 Fixtures and Results

Recurve Portsmouth A - Division 10 (1648)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovEvesham Archers1628Richard 573, Shirley 555, Dave 548167632
DecThe High Weald A.C. A1685Shirley 563, Richard 562, Dan 54516701
JanBowmen of Guernsey A1700Shirley 563, Dan 540, Dave 535163813
FebColchester & District A.C. P1641Richard 572, Lewis 552, Linda 54216603
MarHastings & St. Leonards0Dave 560, Linda 549, Lewis 544165333

Adjustment Threshold 1768.

Recurve Portsmouth B - Division 30 (1550)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovBowmen of Bruntwood C1595Lewis 547, Mike J 529, Dan 526160231
DecR.U.K.A.S. A?Dave 541, Roger 541, Lewis 53016123
JanGosport B`men B1478Linda 527, Roger 521, Stelvio 506155431
FebAndover Archers D1024Dave 532, Dan 513, Mike 50515503
MarQuantum Archers A1560Shirley 534, Stelvio 512, Mike 499154511

Adjustment Threshold 1670.
Highest division score Nov: L Brown.
Highest division score Jan: L Richart.
Highest division score Mar: S Beddoes.

Recurve Portsmouth C - Division 44 (1440)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovAbbeydale Archers B1380Linda 522, Roger 521, Mark 509155231
DecBowmen of Chesterfield B1314Mike 529, Linda 526, Stelvio 51315523
JanAyr Archery Club B1473Mike 502, Mark 467, Denise 455142411
FebR.U.K.A.S. B?Stelvio 505, Mel 491, Mark 46814643
MarCuckfield Archers B1448Mel 495, Mark 485, Denise 446142612

Adjustment Threshold 1560. Dec score 1568 adjusted.
Highest division score Nov: L Richart, R Oliver.
Highest division score Dec: L Richart, M Johnson.
Highest division score Feb: M Bruguier.
Highest division score Mar: M Bruguier.

Recurve Frostbite A - Division 4 (933)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovWarlingham A.C. A937Linda 321, Lewis 297, Roger 29491214
DecOxford Archers1010Roger 304, Chris 301, Linda 2999041
JanWorcester Bowmen A950Richard 327, Shirley 325, Linda 31796934
FebAquarius Archers F A?Richard 334, Shirley 319, Linda 3019543
MarHastings & St. Leonards0Yulia 334, Linda 325, Richard 32398234

Adjustment Threshold 1023.
Highest division score Feb: S Beddoes.
Highest division score Mar: Y Larkins.

Recurve Frostbite B - Division 18 (851)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovExeter C of A A0Chris 286, Mike 281, Joe 27584233
DecCastle Bowmen A933Mike 293, Lewis 291, Shirley 2888721
JanLeaves Green Bowmen930Chris 305, Roger 301, Lewis 29389914
FebSpelthorne Archers838Mark 300, Lewis 290, Chris 2888783
MarAssheton B`men A941Shirley 313, Chris 301, Lewis 29991313

Adjustment Threshold 941.

Compound Frostbite - Division 5 (978)

MonthOpponentScoreCPB TeamScorePointsPosn.
NovPilgrim B`men Boston1011Alfie 333, Terry 330, Stelvio 31697914
DecSurrey B`men968Terry 340, Stelvio 319, Dave 3139723
JanCleobury County Archers?Terry 347, Stelvio 343, Mike 320101032
FebPendle & Samlesbury CF BTerry 345, Stelvio 323, Alfie 3199873
MarSupermarine B`men561Terry 341, Mike 323, Stelvio 32398732

Adjustment Threshold 1053.
Highest division score Jan: T Woodgate.

Compound Portsmouth

No team entered, but we need to get an accurate average if we enter next year.

MonthCPB TeamScore
NovTerry 556, Sharon 545, Isabella (JG) 5131614
DecTerry 564, Sharon 549, Isabella (JG) 5281641
JanTerry 565, Sharon 546, Isabella (JG) 5171628
FebTerry 572, Sharon 536, Isabella (JG) 5311639
MarTerry 565, Isabella (JG) 4971062
Average1516 to 1630 ?


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These are winter leagues for outdoor Frostbite and indoor Portsmouth, using Compound and Recurve bows (Barebow scores as Recurve). Mike J collects the Frostbite scores sheets and gets the Portsmouth scores from Terry to email (or post) off. Match day is usually the second Sunday in the month for frostbite, and the second Tuesday in the month for Portsmouth. The 3 archers with the highest score that month are team A, if a second team has been entered then the next 3 are team B etc. So the members of each team will vary from month to month. Only 10s as golds. 6 sighters. Compound score inner 10 for Portsmouth, outer 10 for frostbite.

Each team is entered in a division of 6 teams based on the previous years results or an estimate for new teams. Each month, for the 5 months from November to March, the team competes against one of the other teams in that division. The division is ranked by match point score with 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss and 0 for not entering a score. If there is a tie on match points, then the arrow score is used to break the tie, followed by hits and then golds (10s).

At the end of the season, the top team in each division gets 4 medals to share out. The medals will be allocated to archers that shoot in that team, by various conditions, such as not getting a medal the previous year, 2 or more appearances for that team, highest scores ...

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Every score helps, one year we came second in a league with the same match point score and lost on the total arrow score by 75 points, because we only had 2 archers scores for one month.

The fixture list for November to March is usually published in mid November. The November results are published in January, the December and January results in March, and the Febuarary and March results together with the overall winners in May.

Example Fixture List

Division 26 (1590)
 1 Redditch C of A B
 2 Bowmen of Gower A
 3 Bowmen of Harrow B
 4 Clophill A.C. B
 5 Crystal Palace
 6 Winnington Park B`men A   

Each month teams compete against one of the other teams acording to the following table. e.g. in December Team 5 (Crystal Palace) competes with Team 4 (Clophill A.C. B).

Team Nov.Dec.Jan.Feb.Mar.

Arrow Score Adjustment

After the division number on the fixture list there is division score. It is an average of the estimates for all the teams in the division. Most teams are put into a division which relates to their average monthly score for the previous season. If a team score exceeds the division score by 75 for compound frostbite, 90 for recurve frostbite or 120 for Portsmouth, then it's score is reduced by twice the excess.

  Division Score                900
  Recurve Frostbite allowance    90
  Division Threshold            990
  Arrow Score shot              995
  Excess Points                   5
  Adjusted score                985