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Keeping fit for Archery

With all archery stopped until the Covid-19 virus is under control, this is not going to be easy. If you are a top archer then you probably already know what to do. If you have a target at home and somewhere safe to shoot, then take care and carry on. If you are a older or lesser archer then it does not take long to loose strength and form. So even if we can't shoot, we can exercise and practice form with the aim of coming out of this a better archer.


Most archery related injuries are shoulder ones, followed by elbow and wrist. Most aiming problems are due to lack of core and arm strength or being over bowed. So it makes sense to try and maintain or improve your strength.

Sport England has Stay in Workout

There was a series of articles by Lucy O'Sullivan in Archery UK magazine from Winter 2015 onwards. Some excercises need light weights, but tins of beans or soup (if you can get them) or a clini band can often be used instead.

The following links may be slow to open as it has to load the complete PDF file, before finding the pages. Usually the article title is on the second page, so you will need to go back a page to get to the start. Some times browsers seem to have problems opening the page and need a refresh (circular arrow or F5) after a few seconds. Autumn 2017 is missing ? from the AGB web site.

Winter 2015 Pages 48-49, Shoulder - Rotator Cuff Muscles.
Spring 2016 pages 52-53, Back.
Summer 2016 pages 50-51, Chest and core.
Autumn 2016 pages 64-65, Glutes and legs.
Spring 2017 pages 34-35, Getting Started.
Summer 2017 pages 38-39, Put it into practice (Making a plan).
Autumn 2017, pages 38-39, Do your homework, Arm and Leg exercises + Planks..
Winter 2017 pages 32-33, Warming up.
Spring 2018 pages 42-44, Get read for action.
Summer 2018 pages 44-45, Are you prepared.
Winter 2018 pages 42-43, All in the mind.

Improve form.

Something else we can work on and often improve is form. A clini band or loop of string can be used with a mirror. Draw and check both hands and the drawing elbow are all in a straight line.