Crystal Palace Bowmen


Outdoor archery membership is about £130 for the year 2021 plus about £150 for 25 weeks of indoor archery on a Tuesday evening during the winter. Membership of Crystal Palace Bowmen (in 2021) is £70 a year starting in January. A recent big rent increase means that these prices will probably have to rise in 2022. You also need to join Kent county, Southern Counties Region and ArcheryGB which adds about £60 to the cost, but their year starts in October and the fees are set over the summer. There are reduced rates for various age groups, for those with a disability and for joining part way through a year. Our treasurer is the only one that understands all the different rules.

Contact Us

One of the best ways of contacting us is to come down to the range when we are shooting and meet with us. If you cannot do that then you can contact various people by e-mail:-

Some committee members from 2014.

Outdoor Shooting

From 1st of May to the end of August we meet on Sunday morning from 10am, we can shoot all day and this gives time to shoot the longer rounds or just afternoons for those that don't like mornings. From September we meet at 1pm as the rugby pitch is in use most weeks. Given that it gets dark by 4pm in December, this will only allow us to do the shorter rounds. We are not allowed to shoot on a Saturday, but can shoot on most other days.