Crystal Palace Bowmen

Three and Six Gold End Badge

The Six Gold End Badge is for six consecutive arrows shot at one end into the gold zone during an outdoor round with a compound, recurve or longbow. The Three Gold End Badge is for three arrows shot at one end into the gold zone during outdoor round with a longbow.

Remember the age groups are based on moving your birthday to the 1st January.

The round must be at a tournament or a club Target Day. The awards are not claimable on sighters but it is not necessary for the round to be completed. When using 10-zone scoring the inner 10 (X), inner gold (10) and outer gold (9) scoring rings will be treated as golds. The shortest distances at which the Badges can be claimed are:

Senior Men80 yards70 metres
Men 50+60 yards60 metres
Men Under 2180 yards70 metres
Men Under 1860 yards60 metres
Men Under 1650 yards50 metres
Men Under 1540 yards40 metres
Men Under 1430 yards30 metres
Men Under 1220 yards20 metres
Senior Women60 yards60 metres
Women 50+50 yards50 metres
Women Under 2160 yards60 metres
Women Under 1850 yards50 metres
Women Under 1640 yards40 metres
Women Under 1530 yards30 metres
Women Under 1430 yards30 metres
Women Under 1220 yards20 metres

Claims for the Badges must be submitted to Membership Services on the appropriate claim form.

If the Six or Three Gold End is made at a tournament, the Tournament Organiser should have the claim form and should sign the form and send it to Membership Services.