Crystal Palace Bowmen

Average Expected Scores for Rounds

Old classifications and scores

Average scores for outdoor rounds by ArcheryGB classification using the average handicap for the classification. Yellow squares meet minimum number of arrows and distance for gaining the classification,

Note: EMB - Elite MB, GMB - Grand MB, MB - Master Bowman, B - Bowman, A - Archer.

For MB and above the rounds must be shot at a record status event. The rounds have to total 36 dozen arrows and only a limited number of rounds are accepted by AGB.

For Archer and Bowmen it's up to the clubs record officer to decide when rounds are accepted. For Archer the rounds need to total 12 dozen arrows and can be shot at any time. For Bowmen it needs to total 18 dozen arrows and be shot using competition rules.

Outdoor imperial rounds are all with a 122cm target face, outdoor metric rounds can be 122cm and/or 80cm target face, indoor rounds use 80cm, 60cm, 40cm or the special black and white Worcester face.

Gender and Age group
Bow type
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