Crystal Palace Bowmen

Handicaps and Classification

Shooting and scoring a round, and then giving the scoresheet to the records officer (Terry) enables him to calculate your handicap and classification.


The handicap is a way of checking your archery is improving even when shooting different rounds each week.

To get an initial handicap, during the year you have to shoot 3 of the rounds for which handicap tables have been printed. There is a copy of the handicap tables in the back of the GNAS green book in the shed.

Handicap medal

The initial handicap will be the average of the 3 handicaps rounded up. For each round with an improvement, the handicap is recalculated as the average of the new handicap and the old rounded up. Since the handicap is only made from your best scores, you will often shoot rounds with scores below your handicap level.

Handicap Improvement Medal

The Handicap Improvement Medal (shown right) is awarded by the club each year to the club member that achieves the greatest outdoor handicap improvement over the year. The ArcheryGB "Shooting Administration Procedure 6", paragraph 6 (page 6-4) gives the details. The winner shall have been a member of the Club for at least six months prior to 1 January and shall be in possession of a current handicap on that date, and shall have shot a minimum of 8 rounds. The medal is loaned by the club as it is property of Archery GB.


ArcherGB classifications are based on the percentage of archers reaching a particular handicap level. So 1st class may be set at 40% of archers, and Grand Master Bowman at only the top 1.5%. As bows, arrows and training improve, the scores needed are adjusted, so it's necessary to check using the latest copy of the ArcheryGB "Shooting Administration Procedure 7" which can be found online (see the links page). You need to get 3 scores above those listed in the tables in the same year to achieve the classification, you then need to repeat that every year to keep it. For 3rd class to bowman, these can be shot on club days and Terry will do the work. For (Junior) Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman it has to be shot at a record status event, shooting a 12 dozen round, and then claimed from ArcheryGB.

The following is a table of the shortest rounds that qualify for the first 3 levels. Some of the junior metric rounds are a much shorter distance but 6 dozen arrows instead of 4 dozen. The 2 scores shown are for recurve and bare bow, scores for compound and longbow as well as other rounds can be found in the "Shooting Administration Procedure 7".

 Third class badge Second class badge First class badge
LadiesJunior Warwick 279 / 149Short Warwick 287 / 145National 436 / 221
Girls U18Short Junior Warwick 315 / 292Junior Warwick 288 / 242Short National 417 / 313
Girls U16Short Junior Warwick 267 / 239
or Short Metric IV 462 / 427
Short Junior Warwick 300 / 284Junior National 387 / 328
Girls U14Short Junior Warwick 160 / 131
or Short Metric V 390 / 348
Short Junior Warwick 229 / 200
or Short Metric IV 415 / 378
Short Junior National 415 / 360
Girls U12Short Junior Warwick 104 / 80
or Short Metric V 305 / 262
Short Junior Warwick 160 / 131
or Short Metric V 390 / 348
Short Metric IV 439 / 366
GentlemenShort Warwick 278 / 145Warwick 297 / 157Long National 418 / 234
Boys U18Junior Warwick 252 / 201Short Warwick 278 / 177National 436 / 254
Boys U16Short Junior Warwick 307 / 275Junior Warwick 304 / 232Short National 430 / 296
Boys U14Short Junior Warwick 239 / 200
or Short Metric IV 427 / 378
Short Junior Warwick 307 / 258Junior National 387 / 296
Boys U12Short Junior Warwick 112 / 88
or Short Metric V 320 / 276
Short Junior Warwick 200 / 150
or Short Metric IV 378 / 315
Short Junior National 360 / 299

The 2 metric rounds use 1 to 10 scoring and an 80cm target face. The imperial rounds score 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 by colour and use the 122cm face.

Round1st Distance2nd Distance
Short Metric V36 arrows at 15 meters36 arrows at 10 meters
Short Metric IV36 arrows at 20 meters36 arrows at 10 meters
Short Junior Warwick24 arrows at 30 yards24 arrows at 20 yards
Short Junior National48 arrows at 30 yards24 arrows at 20 yards
Junior Warwick24 arrows at 40 yards24 arrows at 30 yards
Junior National48 arrows at 40 yards24 arrows at 30 yards
Short Warwick24 arrows at 50 yards24 arrows at 40 yards
Short National48 arrows at 50 yards24 arrows at 40 yards
Warwick24 arrows at 60 yards24 arrows at 50 yards
National48 arrows at 60 yards24 arrows at 50 yards
Long National48 arrows at 80 yards24 arrows at 60 yards

Crystal Palace Bowmen Tassles

CPB Tassle Tassles are awarded for achieving an ArcheryGB classification.
Most archery shops sell badges for the classifications.

Bow TypeTassle Acorn
BarebowClear Plastic
3rd classGreen
2nd classBlue
1st classRed
Master BowmanBlack/White
Grand Master BowmanPurple